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Can Veterans Receiving Unemployability Benefits Still Work?

As a veteran receiving total disability individual unemployability (TDIU) benefits, you may still be able to work in some capacity. So long as your level of employment does not qualify as “substantially gainful employment,” you may be eligible to work and receive TDIU benefits from the VA.

If you have any questions about VA disability benefits, want to file a claim, or need to file an appeal, an attorney from Comerford Law Office is ready to assist you.

What Are TDIU Benefits?

TDIU benefits allow a disabled veteran to receive a 100% disability rating. With this rating comes the maximum amount of disability benefits the VA provides, so a TDIU designation is a substantial one. When a veteran receives a TDIU designation, they may:

  • Be able to support themselves and their loved ones financially
  • Avoid the stress and health issues that can arise from financial instability
  • Achieve a level of personal stability that veterans needs and deserve

A veteran can only receive TDIU status if they cannot maintain “substantially gainful employment.” So, if a veteran can’t hold down a job that qualifies as gainful employment, what kind of work can they do?

What Kinds of Work Can a Veteran Do While Receiving TDIU Benefits?

The VA states that veterans with TDIU can work “odd jobs,” which it also refers to as marginal employment. Based on the VA’s definition of substantially gainful employment, these odd jobs may be:

  • Infrequent
  • Not consistently available
  • Not sufficient to provide the veteran a living wage

These kinds of jobs may bring the veteran fulfillment and a modest amount of additional income, so it makes sense that the VA allows veterans with a TDIU designation to maintain marginal employment.

Should I Hire a Lawyer If I Am Seeking TDIU Status?

If you are a veteran who plans to file a VA disability benefits claim, file an appeal, or seek a change in their disability benefits status, an attorney can be a vital asset. The attorneys at Comerford Law Office serve veterans by:

  • Helping them determine which claim or appeal type is most appropriate
  • Filing the claim or appeal
  • Obtaining medical records, service records, and other documentation that support the claim or appeal
  • Handling all communications with VA officials
  • Managing the claims or appeals process from start to finish

When you hire a lawyer to assist with your claim or appeal, you may spare yourself a substantial amount of stress and frustration. Even more importantly, our team may get the disability benefits you are entitled to.

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