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ObtainingVA disability benefits is often a lengthy and difficult process that can be made even more frustrating by a claim denial. Veterans are often left without the benefits and support they need. When your VA disability claim is denied, you need a skilled Knoxville VA appeals lawyer from the Comerford Law Office on your side.

Eligible Disabilities

There are a variety of disabilities that qualify you for VA benefits. If you suffer from a physical disability like an amputation, hearing loss, scarring, or ulcers, you may qualify for disability benefits. If you suffer from mental health conditions as a result of your service, like PTSD, major depressive disorder, depression, and anxiety, you may also be eligible.

Even veterans that suffer from respiratory illnesses and cancers caused by toxic chemicals can be eligible for disability benefits. As long as a disability occurred during military service or was caused by military service, they can be considered service-related.

Reasons For Denial

Some of the common reasons for claim denial include:

  • Rejected medical evidence. Your medical evidence must meet the VA’s criteria. If it doesn’t, the VA is likely to deny your claim.
  • Lack of proper documents. The VA is more likely to deny your claim if the proper documents have not been submitted.
  • No proof of service connection. Your evidence must also prove a connection between your disability and your military service. If there is no clear connection, the VA may deny your claim.
  • Lack of medical evidence. Your doctor must be able to clearly explain why they believe your disability is service-related. Proper medical records and documentation are essential.

Why You Should Appeal A Denial

It is common for the VA to deny an initial disability claim, but there are ways for you to appeal this decision. You are much more likely to submit a successful appeal when you work with an experienced Knoxville, VA, appeals attorney. An attorney understands the law and the appeal process in-depth and will help you develop the strongest appeal possible.

Figuring Out The Best Strategy

When it comes to appealing a claim denial, you have a few different options. A Knoxville, VA, appeals attorney can help you determine the best strategy for your appeal. Amongst other options, you can choose to have your claim reviewed with new supporting evidence. The assistance of an experienced attorney during this process is key.

Talk To A Knoxville VA Appeals Attorney Today

A VA benefits claim denial can you leave you feeling hopeless, but our Knoxville VA appeals attorney is here to help. At the Comerford Law Office, we have the experience knowledge to help you successfully appeal this decision. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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