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Military veterans should not have to wait to receive their benefits. Yet, as of June 2021, veterans will have to wait at least 130 days for a decision on their claims. If you were denied and want to appeal the agency’s decision, it will take another 125 days.

One of the ways that you navigate this process more quickly is by working with a Knoxville veterans benefits attorney from the Comerford Law Office. A VA benefits attorney can assist you with filing for an increased disability rating, submitting evidence, and more.

File For An Increased Disability Rating

When filing for your benefits, your disability will be rated using the VA’s disability rating system. Your disability rating will be used to determine the amount of compensation you will receive.

The higher your rating, the greater your disability benefits. The VA will use a specific process to calculate your rating percentage. If you disagree with the agency’s rating, you can file an appeal.

A veterans benefits lawyer can advise you on the information you need to increase your rating.

Prove your disabilities are service-related

In order to receive benefits, you have to prove that your disabilities are service-related. Your disabilities are service-related when they happened during your service or occurred as a result of your service. The VA will discredit your service-related injuries if the right medical evidence is not used for credibility.

A veterans benefits lawyer can help you determine the right medical evidence needed to prove that your disability is connected to your military service. Submitting robust and accurate supporting information will increase the likelihood of claim approval.

Submitting Relevant Evidence

Your lawyer can also submit evidence that is relevant to your claim. The evidence that you submit in your claim can make or break it. It can delay your process if you need to add forgotten or additional evidence. A veterans benefits lawyer can help you figure out what evidence to include.

Ensure That All Information Is Complete

Another thing that delays your claim is incomplete information. Your veteran’s benefits lawyer can ensure all paperwork is completed properly and all deadlines are met. Your lawyer can also ensure that there are no errors within your claim. Filling out all of the information in your power will help you avoid delays.

Determine The Best Appeal Process For You

There are three ways that your claim can be reviewed. You can have your claim reviewed by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals or a senior-level reviewer at a regional office. You can also choose whether you want to include new evidence or have the agency simply review your claim. Your veteran’s benefits lawyer can help you determine the best decision for your claim.

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