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Veterans applying for disability benefits often face many challenges. It is a long process that requires detailed, supporting evidence and the confirmation that the disability occurred during or as a result of military service.

When you are fighting for the benefits that you deserve, it is essential to speak with a Knoxville veterans benefits lawyer from the Comerford Law Office as soon as possible.

A VA Benefits Attorney Handles The Difficult Paperwork

One of the things that makes the veteran benefits process difficult is the paperwork.  Veterans tackling this process alone often struggle to submit the necessary documentation or are unsure about the best medical evidence to support their claims. You may have to include more than just your medical records to prove how your injury is service-related. That is where an experienced VA attorney comes in. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the process, help you submit all necessary documentation and determine the best medical evidence to submit with your claim.

Confusing Procedures

The application process can be confusing. In addition to having your disability ranked, you may have to file different claims based on the nature of your disability. There are different procedures required depending on the time you discovered your disability and whether your disability was diagnosed during your service. If these claims are not filed properly, it can delay the process. The agency may ask you for additional information or outright deny your claim.

Problems Obtaining The Right Information

Veterans cannot always obtain the documentation they need for their claims. This may happen to veterans who suffer from conditions caused by The Gulf War, Agent Orange, or Camp Lejeune water contamination. Failing to retrieve this information can make it even more difficult to prove their service-related disabilities.

Getting Help From A Knoxville Veteran Benefits Lawyer

The veteran’s benefits process is designed to be tough and frustrating. A Knoxville veterans benefits lawyer can make the process smoother. Our lawyers can assess your situation, take a look at your disability rating, determine the right course of action for you, and collect the best type of evidence.

If your claim has been denied, we can explain the appeal process to you and help you develop a strong appeal. We can also determine the best decision review process for your claim. Like the veteran’s benefits process, the appeal process can be difficult. We can explain each decision reviewing process to you and determine which is most likely to lead to a successful appeal.

Speak With Knoxville Veterans Benefits Lawyers Today

When you want to obtain your disability benefits as soon as possible, speak with a Knoxville veterans benefits lawyer today. Call the Comerford Law Office today to schedule an appointment.

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