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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has supreme influence over whether a veteran receives compensation for a disability, as well as how much compensation each disabled veteran receives. When VA doctors and officials undervalue your disability, fail to acknowledge a service connection, or make other incorrect decisions that negatively affect a veteran, the attorneys at Comerford Law Office help veterans with their appeals.

A Nashville VA appeal attorney from our firm can represent you. You have served your country, now let us serve you.

Common Issues That May Require an Appeal to the VA

Veterans with disabilities should receive the benefits they deserve without a hitch, but getting disability benefits from the VA is often more difficult than it should be. 

As a law firm that regularly represents veterans seeking fair benefits for service-related medical conditions, we see common issues such as:

  • An unjust denial of a disability claim
  • An undervaluing of a claim, which means the veteran does not get the number of benefits they deserve
  • The VA valuing one disability properly, but denying or underpaying another service-related medical condition
  • VA doctors failing to accurately or thoroughly diagnose a veteran’s medical conditions

Some issues can deprive a veteran of rightful benefits even when the VA does not deny or undervalue a claim. For example, VA officials may fail to process a claim in a timely fashion, putting the veteran in limbo. Our firm puts pressure on VA officials and doctors not just to process our clients’ claims but to provide the benefits that every disabled veteran deserves.

How an Attorney from Comerford Law Office Can Help With Your VA Appeal

The VA offers multiple options for adjudicating an appeal, including a Supplemental Claim, Higher-Level Review, and Board Appeal. Our team will explain the details and merits of each option, advise you on which option we think is best for you, and exhaust more than one of these appeal types if necessary. 

We will oversee every aspect of your claim and appeal, including:

  • Helping you arrange any necessary medical examinations 
  • Gathering, organizing, and submitting medical records to the VA
  • Getting service records that prove the nexus between your time in the Armed Forces and your medical condition(s)
  • Managing all communications with VA officials
  • Drafting and filing all claim- and appeal-related paperwork
  • Rectifying any clerical errors or oversights that led to a claim denial

Each VA disability claim and appeal involves unique details. An attorney from Comerford Law Office will quickly determine why the VA denied or undervalued your initial claim, and we’ll work to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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Your disability benefits cannot wait. When the VA makes an incorrect decision about your claim, it puts you under financial stress and causes uncertainty about whether you’ll receive the compensation you deserve. 

Let a Nashville VA appeals attorney from Comerford Law Office fight for fair benefits on your behalf. Call our team today or contact us online for a free consultation. 

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