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The Comerford Law Office, LLC proudly represents Nashville veterans in disability claims. When you answered your country’s call for service, the U.S. government promised that if you ever suffered a service-connected disability, they would pick up the tab and help you supplement your income. However, it can be very difficult to get your application successfully accepted by the VA. The VA zealously protects its disability fund against weak or fraudulent claims and in the process, weeds out many legitimate claims. Once you have gotten your rejection letter, you can file an appeal with the VA, and a Nashville veterans benefits lawyer can take over for you and prove your case on your behalf.

With over 20 years helping U.S. veterans file claims with the VA, The Comerford Law Office has the experience you need to prove your claim to the VA’s satisfaction. Your Nashville VA disability attorney can tell you what types of disabilities are compensable, and they can help you through the process.

Is my disability covered by the VA’s disability policy?

The VA does not discriminate based on the type of disability, but some disabilities are more difficult to prove than others. Those who suffered combat-related disabilities such as the loss of a limb or paralysis may not have to expend much effort to prove their case. However, those who have psychiatric injuries or who are not sure how they acquired their condition may have a longer road ahead of them.

Psychiatric injuries such as PTSD (including PTSD emerging from sexual assault) are compensable under the VA’s disability policy. A VA disability attorney will have to coordinate with your psychiatrist, counselors, family, and your former comrades to determine how substantially the condition impairs your ability to work. Such claims are not uncommon, but you should expect them to take longer than combat-related physical injuries.

Other conditions such as Agent Orange exposure syndromes and Gulf War Syndrome have been difficult to file claims on, but are easier now as more proof surrounding the conditions emerges. The next “Gulf War Syndrome” may be respiratory injuries related to burn pits outside of bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. In these cases, veterans have to prove that exposure to the burn pits caused their respiratory ailments whereas someone who was paralyzed in a combat situation would not have to prove how they sustained their injury and whether or not it was related to their military service.

How can a Nashville veterans benefits lawyer help me?

We will help you file your appeal with the VA, coordinate information between your doctors, discuss your current quality of life with your family, and call-on former service members who have insight into your case, including commanding officers. This is not a simple task. You are using medical information to make a legal argument, essentially requiring you to understand two specialized professional trades. The Comerford Law Office, LLC can help.

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