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When you agreed to join the U.S. military and protect Americans, the U.S. government promised that if you were incurred an injury or illness during or as a result of your service, you would be entitled to compensation. VA disability payments are a regular form of non-taxable income supplied by the VA to those who sustained service-connected impairments. However, the process of applying for VA benefits can be quite difficult. Most will enlist the aid of a Nashville VA disability lawyer to help them through the process.

Applying for VA disability is more complex than it likely needs to be. The Nashville Veterans disability lawyers at The Comerford Law Office, LLC will help you file your claim, get the information you need to prove your claim, and stay the course as the VA responds to your claim. A Nashville attorney can help you navigate the application process for VA disability benefits.

What disabilities are covered by VA disability?

There are no restrictions on the type of disability you have. In other words, you can receive compensation related to any disability that meets the VA’s criteria. In reality, however, some disabilities are easier to prove than others. 

As an example, those who suffered paralysis or the loss of a limb in a combat situation will not need to expend considerable effort to prove that their disability is real and that it is service-connected. However, other conditions can be much more difficult to prove. As an example, for years, the U.S. government denied toxicology studies related to Agent Orange. Gulf War Syndrome was another condition that was not well understood, and the U.S. military denied compensation. Today, Gulf War Syndrome is compensable. The next Gulf War Syndrome will likely be related to respiratory ailments suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan related to burn pits.

Psychiatric injuries can be difficult to prove because many of the assessments are subjective. However, PTSD and other forms of mental illness that are aggravated by trauma from combat can still be compensated.

How can a VA disability lawyer help?

Your Nashville veterans disability lawyers can take over your case so long as you have an active appeal with the VA. That means you must file your application by yourself, have the application rejected, and then contact an attorney to file an appeal.

Your attorney will review your documents, determine why the VA denied your claim, and then coordinate with your doctors, friends, family, former soldiers, superiors, and vocational counselors to help build an ironclad case file that meets the VA’s standards for proof in disability claims.

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