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VA Appeal Attorneys Near Me

If you need to have the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) change its decision, a VA appeal attorney near you can help. The VA often denies benefits, underpays claims, discontinues benefits, and makes other decisions that negatively affect veterans.

The attorneys at Comerford Law Office can lead your VA appeal, working to get the benefits you deserve.

Types of Issues a VA Appeal Attorney Can Help With

A VA appeal attorney near you can help with:

  • Enacting a change in your disability rating
  • Establishing a connection between your service and disability
  • Restarting benefits that the VA has discontinued
  • Reversing any decision by the VA that has negatively affected you

A lawyer’s assistance may be a great credit to your appeal. An attorney may have extensive experience dealing with the VA, handling a variety of different issues affecting VA disability claims, and getting the benefits their clients deserve.

How a VA Appeal Attorney Can Help You

The nature of a lawyer’s assistance may depend on the nature of your appeal. Some duties that a VA appeal attorney can handle for you include:

  • Overseeing the VA decision review process: The VA explains that appellants can choose from three appeal types. Appeal options are a Supplemental Claim, Higher-Level Review, or Board Appeal, and your attorney can ensure the VA follows the proper path for your unique circumstances.
  • Managing communications with the VA: Your lawyer will manage all communications with the VA. Whether they need to write letters, make phone calls, or interpret written correspondence from VA officials, your attorney will ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all claim-related communications.
  • Gathering documentation for your claim: The VA may require updated medical records, service records, or other documentation before it approves your appeal. Your attorney can coordinate appointments, obtain existing documentation, and take other necessary steps to bolster your appeal.
  • Advising you about navigating the appeals process: Though your lawyer will aim to succeed on your first appeal attempt, the VA does not always make the process so easy. We will craft your appeal strategy and update that strategy as necessary. 

Getting the VA disability benefits you deserve is a critical mission. If you are pursuing an appeal, the VA has already issued one adverse decision. A lawyer will utilize your right to appeal, fighting to ensure that you do not go any longer without the benefits you are entitled to.

Can I Afford to Hire a VA Appeals Attorney in Nashville?

Yes, you can. A lawyer from Comerford Law Office will lead your appeal without any upfront fee. If we get the benefits you deserve, we will receive our fee. If we do not succeed, you will not owe us anything.

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The VA even recommends hiring an attorney to help with your appeal. Don’t wait. Call Comerford Law Office today for a free consultation or contact us online to submit your case details.

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