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The VA disability claim process can be frustrating and overwhelming.  There can be a lengthly waiting period to receive your decision and if your claim is denied, the appeal process can also be time consuming and complex. 

With a Knoxville VA Attorney  from the Comerford Law Office, you have a greater chance of getting the benefits you need and deserve. There are many benefits to hiring a VA lawyer to assist you with your claim.

Getting A Better Disability Rating

One of the most influential factors when it comes to a disability claim is the disability rating. Your disability rating will qualify you for a certain amount of financial benefits. Many veterans receive a rating that does not accurately reflect the severity of their condition. This low rating can disqualify them from certain benefits.

Fortunately, your disability rating is not permanent. A VA lawyer can help you increase your disability rating. Your VA lawyer can also help you gather the right evidence to ensure that your disability is evaluated and rated appropriately.

Proving The Nature Of Your Disabilities

A VA lawyer will also be able to help you prove that your disability occurred due to military service. The VA does not offer benefits for pre-existing conditions. Proving that your disability is service-related requires the proper medical evidence. Many veterans may not know what type of evidence to collect.Your VA lawyer can help you determine the most relevant medical evidence to support your claim. 

Helping You With Your Appeal

A VA lawyer can also help you with the appeal process. There are three ways to appeal a claim denial:

  • Higher-level review. This process involves a senior-level reviewer at a regional VA office taking another look at your claim. The reviewer must determine if there is a mistake in your claim or if your denial was wrongful.
  • Board of Appeals review. This process involves asking a Veterans judge with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. With this process, you can choose to submit new evidence, ask the court to reconsider the denial, or request a hearing.
  • Supplemental claim. This process involves asking a Veterans judge to examine your claim with the new evidence you’ve provided.

A VA lawyer can explain each of these options in-depth and help you determine the best course of action.

Offering Customized Legal Services

At the Comerford Law Office, our VA lawyer in Knoxville will provide the personalized legal guidance you need. If you want a VA lawyer to assist with an appeal, will provide customizable services that best suit your claim.

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