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When your country put out the call for service, it was you who answered. Now that your service is over, you have been promised that if you suffered an injury or illness in-service, the U.S. government would step in and provide VA compensation benefits. But when you sent out an application for VA disability benefits, the application came back rejected.

A rejected application is only the beginning of the process. Once you have an active appeal open with the VA, you can enlist the services of a VA attorney near you. The Comerford Law Office, LLC will help prepare your appeal and ensure your case file has all the information the VA requires. 

What disabilities are covered by the VA?

There is no limit on the type of disability that is covered by the VA. The VA will cover all disabilities, including psychiatric ones, so long as you can prove the disability was the result of or aggravated by your service to your country. Psychiatric injuries can be more difficult to prove and require more paperwork than obvious physical disabilities like paralysis or the loss of a limb. Nonetheless, you can file a claim on the basis of a psychiatric injury.

Further, conditions like Agent Orange exposure syndromes, Gulf War Syndrome, and most recently, respiratory conditions emerging from burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan are compensable. It took us a long time to get compensation for these injuries, but we did it, and now U.S. veterans routinely get compensation related to Agent Orange exposure and Gulf War Syndrome.

How can a lawyer help me file my appeal?

A lawyer can help you file your paperwork, but it is not until you have an open appeal with the VA that we are allowed to offer a contract for our services. Once you get your rejection letter, you will be able to file an appeal with the VA and once your appeal is open, you can ask to be represented by an attorney. Your attorney will then get access to your case file and review the VA’s findings.

Nine times out of ten, the reason why your application was rejected was that there was not enough information provided to the VA to process your claim. Your attorney will coordinate with your doctors, discuss the matter with your family, talk to former military colleagues, and even enlist the aid of a vocational counselor who can provide testimony on what types of work you are capable of performing and for how long.

By the end, we will help you build an ironclad case file that the VA will have no choice but to accept.

Find a VA Attorney Near Me

The Comerford Law Office, LLC represents the interests of Nashville veterans in VA disability claims. Call today to discuss your situation with a trained professional and we can begin preparing your appeal today. 

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