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When you agreed to join the armed forces, you were told by your country that if you ever developed an injury or illness during your service, you would receive compensation. Many veterans expect to receive benefits for their service-connected disability, but when they apply for VA disability benefits, the application is rejected. 

The Veterans Benefits Association applies a high standard of proof to disability claims. You must be able to establish that your injury occurred due to your military service. If your application was rejected, a Nashville VA disability lawyer can help you seek the compensation that you deserve. The Comerford Law Office, LLC is committed to helping veterans file claims with the VA. We have the experience needed to help you navigate the appeals process and prove your claim so you can receive the medical care you need. 

Why Was My Application Rejected?

The VA provides compensation for any injury or disability as long as it is service-connected, the veteran was not dishonorably discharged, and they meet all service requirements. The VA will grant benefits to applications that they feel provide enough evidence to warrant dispensing benefits. Some disabilities can be more difficult to prove than others, but the VA grants compensation as long as the disability is service-connected. Even if your application was denied, it is possible to file a claim alongside a knowledgeable VA attorney. 

Realistically, this requires veterans to use medical evidence to make a legal argument. Your attorney can speed up the process of getting your benefits granted by coordinating all of the necessary documentation to prove that your disability is service-connected and show how it impacts your functionality or employability. 

How a Nashville VA Disability Lawyer Can Help

VA disability lawyers take on two types of cases. We file appeals with the VA to reconsider a decision to reject an application and we file appeals with the VA to reconsider a disability rating. On your own, it is difficult to prove how you acquired the disability and how it impacts your daily living. A knowledgeable VA attorney can help you prove that your disability is service-connected and impacts your quality of life. As a result, you can pursue the benefits that you need. 

Your Nashville VA disability lawyer will coordinate between your doctors, help you schedule the proper tests, and ensure that you present an ironclad case file to the VA for review. We will help you through every step of the process. 

Understanding VA Disability Benefits

The VA provides a regular monthly stipend to veterans who have a service-connected disability or illness. Compensation is granted based on your disability rating. Veterans who require daily care can have in-home nursing provided to them through the disability policy. If a family member provides that care, the money can be paid directly to them.

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The Comerford Law Office, LLC represents the interests of Nashville veterans in VA disability claims. We’ve represented veterans for more than two decades and are prepared to assist you. Call today to discuss your claim and we can begin discussing your next moves immediately.

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