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Veterans Benefits Attorney Near Nashville

Applying for VA disability benefits can be frustrating. The VA requires medical evidence to support any claim made. Without the proper legal representation, it can be hard for a veteran to gather the medical evidence necessary to prove that their disability is service-related. An attorney’s guidance will make it easier for the veteran to establish that their disability prevents or reduces the amount of income they can earn.

If you are granted VA benefits, the VA will send you a regular monthly payment compensating you for income loss due to a service-related disability. The Nashville VA disability lawyers at The Comerford Law Office, LLC know how important these benefits are to you and your family. We can help you prove your VA disability and petition the VA to have your disability rating increased.

Why are VA Disability Applications Denied?

If you are a veteran who was honorably discharged, your disability application may have been rejected because you failed to establish the connection between your disability and your active-duty military service. In other cases, it may not be apparent that your service-related disability results in a loss of income. Even still, the VA will compensate those who establish their disability following a rating schedule. Your disability rating is directly connected to the amount of benefits you are eligible to receive.

How Can a VA Disability Lawyer Help?

A VA disability benefits lawyer will review your application, determine why it was rejected, and then help you build a stronger case file for review. In most cases, the VA simply states that you have not provided enough evidence for claim approval. You can appeal that decision, however, and we will help you coordinate with your doctors, former service members, friends, and family to provide testimony to the VA concerning your disability. In cases where your disability rating does not accurately reflect your current condition, a vocational counselor may be able to testify as to what type of work you can perform on a full-time basis.

How Much Can I Receive in VA Disability Benefits?

The total benefits package you qualify for will be determined by your disability rating. Disability ratings are expressed as a percentage. For example, someone who qualifies for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits with a 100% rating may receive enough compensation to cover all of their living expenses. On the other hand, a condition like tinnitus, a common ailment involving ringing in the ears, has a disability rating of 10%, which may help offset the cost of having to change jobs. In certain cases, you may be able to argue that the typical rating should not apply to your case or that a primary condition like tinnitus is causing secondary psychiatric conditions. 

Helping Tennessee Veterans Receive the VA Benefits They Deserve

If you need to appeal a denial of benefits or increase your current VA disability rating, call the attorneys at The Comerford Law Office, LLC today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your application in more detail.

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