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Veterans Disability Lawyers Near Me

When you agreed to answer your country’s call to service, the U.S. government promised that if you ever suffered a service-connected disability, you would be entitled to compensation to help offset the cost of supporting yourself and your family. However, the VA zealously protects the solvency of its disability fund by rejecting valid claims. Today, there are more soldiers filing disability claims than at any time in recent memory largely due to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans disability lawyers help U.S. veterans file disability claims with the VA.

If you have a service-connected disability that restricts your ability to sustain full-time employment, you may be entitled to collect VA disability benefits. The Comerford Law Office, LLC can help.

Is my disability eligible for compensation?

It does not matter what type of disability you have. What matters is how it was acquired. If you can prove your disability is related to your military service and substantially impairs your capacity to maintain full-time employment, then you can file a claim on the VA’s disability fund. 

While some disabilities may be relatively easy to get compensation for, others are not so obvious. Those who have sustained psychiatric injury due to combat trauma or “shell shock,” can still get compensation. It is just more difficult to prove since psychiatric injuries require subjective assessments of doctors.

Further, other injuries are not well understood. For years, it was difficult to get compensation related to Agent Orange exposure or Gulf War Syndrome. Today, claims related to those conditions are compensated. Most recently, soldiers are experiencing respiratory issues related to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not much is understood about these conditions, forcing soldiers to prove that the condition is real in addition to other requirements.

How can VA disability lawyers help me?

The Comerford Law Office, LLC has been representing U.S. veterans for over two decades and can help prepare your appeal. Once you have an active appeal open with the VA, we can offer a contract for representation. 

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