How Long Will It Take to Appeal a VA Disability Benefits Decision?

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How Long Will It Take to Appeal a VA Disability Benefits Decision?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not always resolve disability benefits appeals promptly. In fact, VA data suggests that the average Board Review decision (one type of VA appeal) takes 405 days to appeal. Along with this data, the VA notes that there are several factors that could affect how long it takes to resolve an appeal.

Even if you face a potentially long wait for a VA decision, an appeal may be worthwhile. If you want help with a VA claim or appeal, an attorney from Comerford Law Office will guide you through the process.

Why Does It Take So Long to Complete a VA Disability Benefits Appeal? 

With more than one million active personnel at any given time and far more retired military who rely on the VA for disability benefits, there is a constant backlog of claims and appeals that VA officials must resolve. This is one reason why it takes so long to rule on each appeal. 

The VA notes that Board Review decisions, which involve a judge ruling on an appeal, may take longer than other appeal types. Stated reasons for this longer timeframe include:

  • The finite number of judges to review VA appeals
  • No-shows and other delays in completing hearings, which prevent the VA from reducing its backlog of appeals
  • The large number of veterans who choose Board Review as their appeal type

Even if you pursue a Supplemental Claim or Higher-Level Review (the other two types of VA appeals), you may face frustrating delays in processing your appeal. , Even once VA officials reach your appeal, it may:

  • Need supplemental documentation from you
  • Need to review your service records
  • Claim that clerical errors prevent your appeal from moving forward as scheduled
  • Pose other reasons for not immediately ruling on your appeal

Veterans who have dealt with the VA may not be surprised by these long appeal timelines. However, you do not have to accept delays in your appeal without a fight.

An Attorney Can Press the VA to Process Your Appeal in a Timely Manner

If you hire a lawyer to help with your VA disability benefits appeal, they will remain in contact with VA officials. Though some delays are unavoidable, your attorney will press VA officials to process your appeal in a reasonably timely manner. 

Furthermore, your lawyer will ensure that there are no reasons for the delay on your end. They can prevent such delays by:

  • Ensuring your appeal is filed accurately and on-time
  • Providing all medical documentation that the VA would need to rule on your appeal
  • Providing a thorough, written explanation of why you are appealing a VA decision

An attorney will update you about your appeal, preventing you from having to contact the VA for a year or more while awaiting a decision.

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