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The Benefits of Hiring a VA Lawyer

Veterans seeking benefits for a service-related injury or illness have much to deal with. The very fact that a veteran is seeking benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) indicates that they are struggling from a health perspective, which can leave little time or energy to deal with a VA claim or appeal. 

Before proceeding further, know that the attorneys at Comerford Law Office are available to assist with your claim or appeal. If you hire a lawyer to handle your claim or appeal with the VA, you receive several benefits including:

Prioritizing Your Health

If you are suffering from a service-connected illness or injury, rest may be a critical component of your recovery plan. You may have difficulty resting (or following other aspects of your treatment plan) if you have to oversee the VA claims or appeals process. 

The American Psychological Association (APA) notes that stress can cause or worsen various health conditions. For many veterans, dealing with the VA—and particularly facing the consequences of a claim denial—is immensely stressful. One motivation for hiring a lawyer may be to focus as much of your attention on your health and recovery as you possibly can. 

Relying on the Lawyer’s Experience with VA Disability Claims and Appeals

As a veteran, you may have limited experience with the VA’s disability claims and appeals departments. An attorney who regularly handles VA disability benefit claims and appeals will have substantial experience, and this relevant experience may:

  • Allow the attorney to respond quickly and appropriately to the specific roadblocks you face
  • Allow the attorney to anticipate potential responses to your appeals, and other tactics VA representatives may use in response to your claim or appeal
  • Allow your lawyer to foresee the potential challenges to your claim or appeal, and to prepare a response to each of those challenges

A lawyer’s experience may inform their strategy in your claim or appeal. 

Potentially Receiving All of the Benefits You Are Entitled To

If you retain an attorney with relevant experience, ample resources, and a will to get the benefits you deserve, they may secure the compensation you need for your medical condition. While an attorney can never guarantee results, you may credibly believe that an experienced lawyer is best suited to lead your claim or appeal.

An attorney can handle every aspect of your claim, including:

  • Strategy
  • Paperwork
  • Collection of evidence and documentation
  • Communications with the VA
  • Appeals

The VA affords multiple ways to seek benefits and appeal incorrect decisions. Your attorney will exhaust all available avenues to seek the benefits you deserve.

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