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Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer (38 CFR 3.310 & 4.124a)

Thousands of service personnel return home with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) from Afghanistan, Iraq, and previous conflict zones. This type of damage has become so widespread in recent years that it has been dubbed the “signature wound” of modern wars. Furthermore, many veterans who return home have not been adequately diagnosed and may be unaware that they are suffering from a significant and disabling injury.

TBIs may occur in a variety of ways, but the most frequent involve an impact injury, having an item pierce your skull and brain, or even being hit in the head and having your brain shaken inside your skull by a violent shock or vibration. When any of these things happen, brain tissue can be destroyed, causing that region of the brain to stop working properly.

TBIs Can Significantly Affect Your Life

Even though a brain injury may not be as visible as a lost limb or other physical disability, it can nonetheless have catastrophic and life-altering consequences for a veteran. For starters, many veterans who have had a TBI may lose consciousness for a period of time – some will be unconscious for a few minutes, while others may be in a coma for months. Even after recovering consciousness, the following are some of the most typical long-term repercussions of this injury:

  • Trouble processing information, difficulties with written and verbal communication, difficulties reading and writing, loss of concentration and attention, memory issues
  • Slurred speech, a lack of coordination and balance, and sensory impairments
  • Alterations in attitude and demeanor, anger outbursts, lack of emotional control, reduced inhibitions, poor judgment, sadness, and anxiety

As you can expect, all of these side effects might make it difficult to keep a job or even engage in social activities. Seizures, early Parkinson’s disease, premature dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are all possible side effects of TBIs.

Helping You Receive Benefits for Your TBI

The VA has previously failed to evaluate all of the ways that a TBI might be debilitating. New laws have been implemented in recent years that make it simpler to get veteran’s disability payments for TBI and similar mental health problems that may arise later. If you had a TBI while serving in the military and feel you are entitled to benefits, please contact our office to discuss your options.

Call To Discuss Your Case with A Nashville VA Disability Attorney Today

TBIs are intangible and complex injuries, and many warriors who have suffered a TBI understandably feel misunderstood. VA disability attorney James R. Comerford has seen personally how a traumatic brain injury may influence your life and understands how essential benefits can be to you and your family. The Comerford Law Office will fight for your right to TBI benefits, so please contact us immediately to learn more about how we may assist you.

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