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VA Disability Claim Process in Tennessee

The VA disability claim procedure is designed to be tough and irritating. The VA attempts to keep their disability fund solvent by requiring exact documentation that your impairment prevents you from working. Continue reading to discover more about the VA disability claim procedure and how a Tennessee VA disability lawyer may assist you in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to.

1. Consultation: Learn How We Can Help

We’ll start by talking about your situation and obtaining information, including your VA rating decision. Then, our lawyers will seek actionable faults and assess the circumstances that may be affecting your claim. We will accept a case if we discover a mistake that we feel can be corrected and our capacity permits us to do so.

2. Representation 

You will be offered a contract for our services, and we will discuss what to expect next, including how the process will operate, how long it may take, and the proof that may be required. We’ll also talk about our fees. Only veterans who have a current case that is eligible for appeal may hire an attorney to help them with their VA disability claim.

3. File Review

We will submit signed forms of representation to VA, which will allow us to access your VA records through VA’s computerized database.

4. Strategizing

We’ll go through your case and assess which claims should be pursued, as well as the best way to proceed with your appeal. Supplemental Claim, Higher Level Review, and BVA Notice of Disagreement are the three options now available from VA. Each alternative has its own set of advantages and choosing the right one will help you reap the rewards as quickly as possible.

5. Evidence Gathering

We’ll talk about the medical proof you’ll need to back up your claim. This might include private medical records, service medical records, and, if required, an independent medical opinion. Obtaining statements from family members, acquaintances, or other military members is also often beneficial.

6. Submit Evidence and Appeal

We submit your appeal along with a brief that highlights the evidence in support of your claim once we obtain all of the evidence.

Talk to a Trusted VA Benefits Attorney Today

The sooner you contact a VA disability lawyer in your claim, the more quickly your case will be handled, and your benefits will be paid. The Comerford Law Office, LLC is delighted to assist people who have given so much for our country. We may be able to assist you or a loved one who is battling for VA disability compensation. To book a free case review with our veteran’s benefits attorney, call our office now. 

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